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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy has been a gigantic mainstay in my life and he is my favorite artist out of not only just Metal, but music all in general. His words have been there to say my life and to keep me going, just as they are now. Ozzy is the 2nd most inspirational character in my life, the 1st has to go to my love (who I'm trying to have a 2nd chance with but going slow...), Sorry Ozzy...
But aside from this , Ozzy Osbourne is the greatest musician in all of the world and he has been like a father-figure for me. I love all his albums and I have quite a selection of merchandise^^ I'm hoping to see him in Cleveland Ohio, this year since that would be my first ever concert. I want to see the greatest artist live before I die!! :)
Ozzy, don't let up for a second, your music is what keeps me from making stupid choices and you have been a major inspiration in my life. Me & all my friends (Natalie, Justin, Mariah, Malachi, Shannon, Chris, Kyle, and so much more) love you and hope you Rock Out!!!! ^^

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Latimer's Mercy
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Ozzy Osbourne
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The sun shiNEs on this deadly NEw morning, the church bells ring a early warning!!

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United States


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