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Are there any official announcements for 2009?

I haven't been here in a while but the most important thing to say is Ozzy never stop I missed the monsters of rock concert. I'm also a fan of Dimebag Darell and Pantera. I hope Ozzy that your health is doing good. I'm a fan of Black Sabbath and Black Label. So anyway good news for 2009????? Nos482


this is my fist time here but a die hard OZ fan since diapers ha!ha! I was wondering any body know if OZFEST is coming this way anytime soon aso have a bet on what album came out first with changes on it?? thanx! OZZYRULES!!!god status!!!

hey victoria,,what sort of vampire are you---
i hope your not a phsycic vampire


Oh please Ozzy, don't retire!! No one would take your place anyway, and what would happen to Zakk, Tony, Geezer, and the rest of them? ANYONE could take your place and maybe I will. I'm definitly not threatened my idol, but I'm demanding that he do another concert here in Fort Bragg if he's in perfect health! Here are a few ideas of albums:

Hell or Bust
Bats of Ozz
Tribute to Heaven
Crucifixion or Bust
Well, you get the point! By the way, what's your real E-Mail address? Coz I got your Studio Fan Mail one and you don't seem to email back...

Ozzy is my lifeline. If he dies (which he NEVER WILL), may God take pity on him and send him back to Earth. What people don't know is that he's a vampire like me, right? Anyway, never forget to get your dose of the KING OF ROCK AND ROLL (NOT Elvis you idjits!!!)


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