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Artie Becker Tribute Band inviting Ozzie Osborne's f...

April 29, 2009

Am I phrasing the subject right? Please correct me if I'm not.

Artie Becker, Musician, look him up in Google.

The late Arthur Becker, famous Bass Guitarist; Musician, Mozart performer, is having a Tribute Band in the next few weeks in Mamaroneck, N.Y., US.

All Ozzie and related musicians performers invited to attend.

I affiliate The Osbourne, Ozzie's music to this event: unique style, optimism, popularity, related guests, pleasant sound, main attraction, ability to attract multitudes of people, great party.

I'll know the exact date of Artie Becker's tribute band in the next few days, then repost this event with the details.

Thanks for supporting us.

Tribute dates are May 23, 2009 at Three Jalepenos, Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543



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