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Do you think Ozzy is sexy?

I do. The man just always has been the most beautiful and sexy guy to me. For so many reasons. That hasn't changed as I have gotten older and he has.

What do you think? For women only please LOL.


I 'Dream' about him every night....I Live, Breathe and Eat OZZY OSBOURNE.....He is my reason to live...he's the heaven in my hell...........I love him more than life itself and would die for him....he's so fricken sexy, I want him ...and I want him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a fascinating article: <a href="">Click here to read, it's short</a>

Ozzy says: I'm almost 62 and I still love a good old game of Where's the Salami?" However Sharon may not be such a fan as the Black Sabbath singer joked he often has difficulty convincing his wife satisfy his needs. He added to The Sunday Times Magazine: "Getting anyone to play it with me is a different matter."

Sharon lays it all out in Extreme. she's disgusted by sex mostly (the word frigid comes to mind, perhaps because of abuse by her father). she says EXTREMEly rude things about Ozzy and sex.


that is the QUINTESSENTIAL irony is it not? sooooooo many women think he's so hot!!!!

Here's this woman's response: I'll play Ozzy! For reals.
I've loved the man since forever!
Anyone else?

i love the picture with him getting into his Ferrari from his recent fender bender. nice freaking car! would love to climb aboard and let him take me for a ride <a href=""><a> ~8 :o) never been in a Ferarri. looks like a gorgeous car. bummer.

and wow! poor guy. how embarassing lol. you bump someone and it's on the world press teee heee! we all have those times as new drivers. pay attention to where you're going Ozzy!

helz ya he is sooooooo sexy always has been and always will be.... everytime I see him he makes me melt just the other day when I was watching the tribute video he did of John Lennon's "How" I was in ahhhh I kept saying you r so dam hot..... I totaly agree with you darkblade doesn't matter if he is 26 or 62 he is a one sexy metal god thats for sure \m/ Long live the godfather of metal!!!!

Ozzy is sexy as hell. They broke the mold when they finished him. His voice gives me the chillies, in the most pleasant way. :o).

One thing I can say though? I wish that he'd get better teeth made for his front teeth. He is clearly wearing fake teeth and whoever did them for him, they suck. Big time. He's Ozzy f***ing Osbourne, he should have THE BEST. Some dentists focus on making them to look more real, by adding the original shape of teeth and unevenness that you find usually. Kind of a silly thing, but really? If he did that, OMFG. He looks so f***ing good right now. Made me want to rape the man seeing him live this past Saturday. He's so beautiful!

Silly man! :o) And hey! Didn't this topic say "Women only!" You voyeur!!! :o) LUV YA ANDY!!! JUST TEASING!!!!

I've got the one where Ozzy's facing the doors with nothing to speak of between the camera and him on the back end. Cutie toot-toot. LOL. Wonder if that is from the shoot you speak of. LD mentioned another picture being available with more to show than something tucked away. I'm not sure that is the case. Really, who would have that and why would they? This conversation is making me blush Andy!!!

I have one of him in the raw from the early 70's that was printed in black and white...Geezer and I think Tony are in the picture too. But you can't see anything THAT way. They're in some kitchen. Also, there were pictures onstage where Ozzy is singing and everyone in the band is naked. If recollection serves me, you can't see anything there either but it's clear they're nekkid. Some dark haired woman is the only one who you see THAT way.

So anyways, how did we end up talking about him naked and that equating with Ozzy being sexy????

The attraction for me goes WAY beyond a naked body's the TOTAL MAN who just does it for me. It's his ordinariness despite extraordinary fame that just makes him so lovable to me...I think he'd probably be fun to talk to, with a great sense of humor.

I must get around to burning copies of my magazine disc! As one comentator said, ALL tucked behind! hahahahaha It was taken when the kids were very small! Sorry you will have to wait!

Pictures in his undies (LOL)...I'm laughing, because you know ... deep down inside (silly grin/blush) I would love that too (lols).

I'm sure if there were any such pictures they'd for sure auction off for a pretty price ;O). [Darkblade beats all the other women off the photo's, snarling - ;) ]

I read once that he said he was "chubby" in the 80's. I kind of have always thought he looked really good. Except in some outfits, like the one for Diary. What was Sharon thinking. OMG the red leather yodelling suit. Heh heh...that was hilarious. I like meat on the man though. He's never not looked good except when he bleached his hair blonde right after Sabbath... which I didn't like at all. And when he was haggard during the Osbournes and that whole pill/drinking hitting bottom thing. Even then, he was gorgeous...but it made me want to reach right through the screen and take his hand, and say "hey! we all love you Ozzy, come back, please!" It broke my heart, frankly. Still does to think about it. I'm glad there's been a definite shift, and that's long in the past.

You can see he's back in his interviews, when he's hanging out, and when he's on stage for sure. He looks gorgeous and sounds fantastic. What is it about Ozzy LOL!!! OMG...I'm hopeless. sigh.

I love Ozz and have always found him to be hot. I use to think that I was the only one that felt that way about him. Glad to know that there are others that feel the same. I only wish that I could find some pics of Ozz in his undies. :-) Man he's so beautiful. I would die if anything were to happen to him. I love you Ozz.

Total agreement. He is gorgeous inside and out and always has been. xx

<strong> Awwwww!</strong>
† Coolstreaky †

Ozzy was my first childhood crush at age 12... To me he has only gotten more Beautiful & Sexy (Body/Heart/Soul) as the years went by. Many things have come and gone in my almost 42 years of life - but My Love and appreciation for him is the one constant thing that has never changed...and never will!
God Bless Ozzy!!!!!! <3
There is no great genius without some touch of madness.

I'm not jail bait, far from it. I am a beautiful woman, even if older. Aging gracefully, or so I hope and have been told. So my fantasies could be realities with no guilt about that part LOL.

You know, over the years I have seen millions of women in films about his concerts and have been like 'right, he is one sexy man, who WOULDN'T want him?' you know?

While I was never attracted to a sixty year old in my 20's, I have always been attracted to Ozzy. Because he was in his 30's when I was in my 20's. Now, i am 45, and though it's rare to think a 60 year old sexy, there are men older like he is that I find sexy. I didn't like him when he got crapped out on drugs. But now? Yummy.

He's just Ozzy! He was my first love for goodness sake, when I was 13. Ya know? Those day dreamy things young girls do as they become women - my friends were freaking about these boy toy types, Leif Garrett, Willie Aimes. Me, I was rocking with the hard rocking Sabbath and so hot for Ozzy LMAO. Crazy girl. He just was so gorgeous in those days. I just pray my daughter who is every bit as beautiful as Momma in her young days has much wisdom in her so she survives the crap of teen years well.

I think he's sooooo Dreamy *Drools* :P Even for a man his age i would still ravage him, Even though i'm still praticaly jail bait. Let me dream! lol

I'm 45. I feel absolutely, thoroughly, immutably, and completely no shame or guilt in saying the man is sexy as hell and i just wanna mug him. mostly because i love his sense of humor and kindness. i for one am very glad he got himself sober. it was sad before to watch him from afar.

you girls wouldn't be expected to have the hots for someone so far out of your league in years. but, beauty such as his, ah. it's like the finest painting. when you see it, it can't help but be admired. men such as he are rare and beautiful...

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

<strong>Oh, oops, sorry! :s </strong>
† Coolstreaky †

You are younger than I am, Coolstreaky. But I understand what you mean. I just like older mens. And Ozzy was born december 3th 1948, so he is still 61 years old.

You're my reason to live
You are the heaven in my hell

Here for you
Ozzy Osbourne 2007

For a 14-year-old to fancy a 62-year-old would be slightly wierd... </strong>
† Coolstreaky †

Yes! Oh yes he is very sexy. It's hard to believe that he is 61. Almost every man who are same age or younger than Ozzy, looks so old. They become bald or their hair is gray. But Ozzy looks so young.

You're my reason to live
You are the heaven in my hell

Here for you
Ozzy Osbourne 2007

<strong> Not at all. He doesn't look awful, but I just don't fancy him. People think I do though, and it is very annoying. </strong>
† Coolstreaky †

I was looking at some pictures from other fans who have collections of magazines from the early 90's and his teeth just look so different. :o( The fake ones he's got make him look like a f***ing geriatric's sad. too perfect. f***. who wants to get f***ing old.

f*** THAT> He's the Prince of Darkness. There are SOOOOO many f***ing pictures of his fangs and teeth bared in articles, isn't there a f***ing dentist in the house who LOVES THE MAN and can do better then the s*** he has now? PLEASE!

I understand drugs and drinking took their toll. But damn.

yum, yum, yum! why does he think he's ugly? he has GOT to be f*n joking. the man is beautiful. always has been. big f*n deal if you're aging Ozzy, WE ALL f***ING ARE


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