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I Feel he's turned his back on us !!!!!!!

Moan yes I shall moan .... any documentary of the ozz usually descends with him telling the story of how his first solo tour scared the hell out of him as he thought the average joe wasn't bothered about him ... not so I lashed out pounds to go and see him 1980 and bloody glad I did as he was and I won't use the American recoil to everything .... f***IN BRILLIANT. I have parted with a few quid over the years to see him and enjoyed every minute. Trouble is these days he seems to have forgotten where his roots are .... now don't get me wrong money is money but I somehow feel Ozz has forgotten just who showed him so much faith 28 years ago and that as a lifelong fan hurts like hell. We get nothing now ... no Ozzfest .... no Monsters of Rock not even a couple of dates for Black Rain.

If you are reading Ozz (but I very much doubt it) get yer arse over here and show the great mother nation you still care about us ..... MEDIA and PR gurus who think they know best take note ..... LET HIM COME HOME !!!!!!


hey you dont have to feel sorry 4 me 82 ,,yes there was one show in sydney and i have family first,,the tickets would have been two expensive.being on dissability there is some times a cash flow prob,and as a dad i made choices...but as i said i still get sh#t loads of enjoymant from his cd's(shake the timbers off me house and rattle the doors off me car)


I truly feel sorry for you guys. I drove 12 hours one way to see him and Rob Zombie in January. It was the first time that I saw Oz since just before Randy Rhoads died. I guess that I didn't pay that much attention, but I would have thought in that massive world tour that Oz would have gotten in some British and Aussie dates.

cheer up mate ,,he is sixty.i imagine in his heart still flys the union jack(is that the correct name for your flag) im in australia and we dont get much of him either,,but his cd's are flogged to death in my stereo



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