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-The- Most Epic Blonde Moment

I was chatting to a friend the other day and she claimed that Ozzy Osbourne was an emo with a beard. W.T.F? That is not the only blonde moment-I was discussing with someone wether Susan Boyle was pop or classical and I came to the conclusion that she is popular so she probably is pop and my friend said 'Pop doesn't mean popular!' I asked what it did mean and she thought it was an onomatopoeic expression for the electronic sounds played in the background. HAHAHAHAHHA!


oh ODD is she , im presuming its a she , well yes see what blonde moment crawls out and posts here LOL

The answer to your question is I am not entiley sure. There may well be the ODD one here and there. I think that we shall have to wait and see!

is there any dumb blondes here we can ask LOL

I suppose we ought to ask a dumb blonde bleached or otherwise, to get a true response!

I thought that you meant "Hanging on the Telephone" hummmmmm Debbie Harry, even NOW!

Number 1

WOW... My aunt was learning how to drive, and she couldn't figure out why the domelight wouldn't shut off, so her dad got out, went around, and shut the door.


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