would be cool to hear Oz cover Ronnie James Dio yes/no

figure only right to give what was so freely given to him


Long time ago I wanted to see Ozzy sing Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath, I have pictured in my mind how that would sound, I still wanna see it happen too but only if Ozzy is willing to do so.

that would be cool

-Jak And Daxter Fan-

<strong>Maybe not. Ozzy doesn't have the right voice. </strong>
† Coolstreaky †


Ozzy has his fan base, Ronnie has his. I would think it very weird to see their music mixed. Ozzy isn't a puppet to cater to Dio fans. He acknowledged Ronnie's struggle with cancer, and took the time to honor him with words at his death. That is enough. How weird you'd even think such a thing. Just my opinion.