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“I Don’t Wanna Stop” Ringtone!

Ozzy’s “I Don’t Wanna Stop” ringtone is now available!
<a href="http://www.sonymusicmobile.com/hub/sonymusic/dispatcher/browse?a=265">CLICK HERE</a> for more details on how to download it!

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Ei eu sou do Brasil e eu amo Ozzy!!! o último dele é muito bom!!!

i have always have liked your songs but i dont wanna stop is the best so far!!!
keep doing wat ur doing

i love your new song i dont wanna stop!!!!

i love your new song i dont wanna stop!!!!

I listen to this album again and again and it always makes me feel much better....mainly LAY YOUR WORLD ON ME...It´s f***ing incredible. I´m still wondering that you can make even better and better songs....and you´re STILL RUNNING! Keep on Ozzy!!!!

oz how did u come up with this song its genuise i wish i could sing like u if u have an email address please give me an email at jba_army @hotmail.com and if u have msn maybe we could talk some time

my name is Black Rain




Ozzy Your band kicks so much ass I f***in love it


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