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Tour Dates

When is Ozzy coming to the states like Oklahoma where I live I would love to see him in person.


Ozzy is playing in Grand Rapids, Michigan 2 days after my birthday and I plan on going to that concert too :)

anyone have tour dates for:
three days grace
my chemical romance
breaking benjamin
hawthorne heights

coming to illinois?? chicago area?? any of them playing warped or project revolution?

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awesome! hope that one guy from Tx is ready for the 3 shows Ozzy has there this year. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. :o)

Ozzy is coming to the BOK center in Tulsa,OK on February 10. Such a great venue! I can't wait,should be a fantastic show.


Ozzy in Moncton has been confirmed, but Rob isn't opening for Atlantic dates. Any idea who will replace Rob for the Atlantic dates or no one?

The answer to that question is probably "Never". I live in Texas and only about 100 miles from Dallas. Ozzfest stops there almost every year but it didnt last year and that was very disappointing to alot of people in this area as well as people in your area. Because yall have to come down here to Ozzfest. All I can tell man is Keep Dreaming.

i live in montreal anyoone no when the ozzman comes here

Eric Degray

I wish he would come to Oklahoma too - I would definitely go. Unfortunately, the tour stops he makes are always too far away for me to make it.

ozzy please come to new mexico!!! we need another ozzy fix!!! going to post on every topic

It depends on how bad you want to see him, and then you would go to where he was at instead of waiting for him to come to you. I went from Albuquerque to San Bernadino to see the first Ozzfest in 96. I didn't let any excuese stand between me and seeing Ozzy. And , as for Black Rain, well I saw Ozzfest in San Antonio this year...guess I will have to go to Denver to see him on the Black Rain tour. Too bad there isn't more of him to spread around..but he is only one man....give him a break and take a road trip. You might just LOVE IT.


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