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Concert Tinley Park,ILL

Dear Editor <Chicago Times>

This last Friday August 10,2007 my family went to Tinley Park for Ozzfest. This was my and my daughter-in-laws first experience. All other years that my husband and son went to St.Louis,Mo.

We started out having a good time enjoying the day and looking around at the things they had there.

Once the gate open to go to our respected seats things were still on the good side.

Once the show began is when things went down hill . For my son and his wife it started during the second band "LoRdi" when the water bottle throwing began and the destruction of the lawn when Large clumps of grass was beiung thrown at people sitting under the pavillion. Things stared going bad for my husband and I when "Static X" came out the same thing was going on as well.

About the second song or third song my son found us and said his wife had walked out because she and the little girl next to them had been hit with a full water bottle filled with grass and dirt. So we went looking for her and spent the next act out in the what I would call the court where the food and drinks were.

As we walked out to find our daughter-n-law we came across the "Staff/Srcurity" to let them know what was going on the respond I recieved was totally in 'My Opinion" unacceptable "We only have just so many staff members". I suggested they call *911 for more help to control this.

Granted people get drunk and do stupid things but destruction of public property is again unacceptable and throwing things at other people is not acceptable either.

Ozzy and Sharon were being very gracious to their fans by giving everyone the chance to go to a "Free Ozzfest" and this is the way you all repay them?

They have sponsers who placed their good name on the line as well as Ozzy and Sharon. AT&T, Monster, FYE, just to name a few. They didn't have to do this .Not to say the groups that came out to perform.

As far as ever coming back to "Tinley Park" for another event will Never Happen.

St.Louis is where I will go "If I ever " get to see Ozzfest again. At Least St Louisans Know How To Behave! I am from Illinois and it is sad to have to say that the people in the Lawn Section made me very sad to say "I am from Illinios".I seen cars from Mich, Wisc, and Indiana as well and if any of them were in the lawn section at one of your Parks doing the grass slinging my question to you is "How would you like someone from out-of-state doing this to you?




Alpine Valley is a lot closer and we ROCKED the night

Yeah Alpine Valley always rocks.... I am trying to figure out why Sharon didn't book Sommerset WI...... That is a huge show and it seems to me that should have been on the bill. I have absolutely NO clue why it wasn't. Ozzy hardly ever misses that one.......

Sorry to hear about your experience. There are always always going to be people in this world that want to f*** things up for everyone else. It is because they are so miserable and have such low self-esteem that they can't help but try to bring those of us that do have a decent life down....... I feel for ya and I hope that it never happens to you again...... When you run into people like that, just know that you are a thousand times a better person than they are and walk away............ I feel sorry for the poor pathetic people that act that way. They must be extremely depressed and miserable within their own identity.....

Love you all...........................

Goodbye To Romance

I came from California to meet a friend who took me there; we were in seats thank goodness. I agree that there should have been some intervention on part of security.
Dont have one that says Lady Delaina

You should have come to St. Louis!!
It was beastly hot, but all in all the crowd was awesome!!
NO throwing things, no rude people, even security was helpful and friendly.

We had two sets of tickets, two seat locations and changed them frequently depending on what band was on the mainstage.

During Ozzy we went down to the closest seats which happened to be right behind the "VIP" Section.
No one was sitting in the area right in front of us, so I jokingly asked a security person, "If you don't see me go down there, you'll just think I belong there right?"
He smiled and said, "If you're down there, you're there."
Then he turned around and walked a few feet away.

My wife and I naturally took the opportunity to go ahead and duck under the separating bar and a few ducks later and we were in what was for the most part, the 3rd or 4th row.

It totally rocked!

St. Louis is so the place to be for Ozzfest!!


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