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Do you consider Ozzy Osbourne a solo artist or consi...

Looking for a fresh answer on this question....

I am having a discussion on another message board about updating artists linked to other artists on the following web site,
and there are no rules that state that members of Ozzy Osbourne, the band, can not be linked to Ozzy Osbourne himself, because he is one person.

They don't consider Ozzy Osbourne a group or band but only a solo artist. But.. Doesn't Ozzy Osbourne represent more than just OZZY? What about the band members? Does it sound out of context to say... HEY I can't wait to see Ozzy Osbourne in concert because ZAKK ROCKS! Implying that ZAKK is part of the "BAND" or the name Ozzy Osbourne, just like Black Label Society is a band name. Black Label Society a person's name, but the title of the band, but is automatically known this way. Ozzy Osbourne however is known as a solo artist, and it is just assumed that everyone who is a fan already knows that ZAKK is in the band, represented by the name Ozzy Osborune.

My argument is that all members that are and have been in Ozzy Osbourne should be linked to Ozzy Osbourne. But certain individuals disagree because they strongly argree that Ozzy should not have anyone linked because his name is only a solo artist name, which again I think is bulls***. Why not link everyong associated? To get around this, they have suggested to create another Ozzy Osbourne link or Ozzy Osbourne (2), so that anyone associated with him can be associated that way. There are no rules that state that this is by any means the way to do it and it is just assumed by others that this is how it should be done, but again I disagree.

Ok, so just to go over this one more time....
Isn't it true that Randy Rhodes was in the Ozzy Osbourne band or does that not sound right? Even though Ozzy Osbourne is consider one person, he still has band members that record music for him? So shouldn't the members of Ozzy Osbourne be considered a part of the name Ozzy Osbourne?

If someone was to ask you what band's Randy Rhodes recorded with, how would you answer?

THanks for your time and I hope I made sense here.. I am just trying to get some fresh votes on what the fans think. If you have never been to before, its pretty cool.. You can open up an account for free and pretty much select your music collection and keep track of it online.. Check it out and let me know your thoughts...



I don't consider Ozzy a solo artist because without his band helping write his music with him he might not have some of his greatest songs of all time.

I agree Mr I don't know!

Your names just so damn mysterious...


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

Ya, i think all who are true fans know the names of past band members,an honestly i think all felt pretty lucky to have gotten that gig,DON'T YOU. An realy OZZY iz A solo artist . Who iz still here after all these years? Itz him with diferent band members who have been changing, But OZZY has been the constant.

I concur ozlan, I concur!

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

Ozzy is both. He got a lot of bands up and running. Without Ozzy, they wouldn't be where they are today............


Goodbye to Romance

that site only getting half of the stuff. BLS has 9 albums, Zakk has pride and glory, hell they dont even know whos in the band, but i mean damn we cant all be right all the time,RIGHT! and there should be links to everyone who has played with ozzy solo not with sabbath. just because its ozzy singing doesnt make that the same imo. its like ZAKK always says"im zakk wylde from bls and the ozzy osbourne BAND"

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It has been a while since I read this little bit of info, but if my memory doesn't fail me I remember Ozzy saying the band was to be called "The blizzard Of Ozz"... Now I may be wrong on all that, but I do know I either read that, or heard that said before. Now Ozzy may have changed his mind, and I think maybe he did considering he never has introduced the band using that phrase, but to me thats what I have always had in my head as what the band should be called. As for links to past & present members of Ozzy's band, I don't see it really being a issue for real honest to goodness Ozzy fans, we know who is who, & when & where they played with Ozz. Its the posers that are in need of such details as this, so if I were you I wouldn't get so frustrated by it all bro....


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

Ok I was browsing through the forum when I stumbled on this topic so I'm going to put my two cents in. *smiles* Personally, Ozzy Osbourne is a solo artist and a very inspiring one at that! It's 2007 and thank God he's still around, times have changed but his music hasn't and nor his passion still the same old Ozzy and I don't know about you but that's the way I like it!

The only people associated with Ozzy first off is the late Randy Rhodes, God bless him, the members of Black Sabbath, and his band members now. The Osbournes series from MTV is a whole nother ball of wax LOL.


I think of Ozzy as Ozzy! But I can understand, because I'm really into BLACK RAIN right now and I think of it as a band playing, that's how it's been for all of his albums.. cause he had Randy, Jake, and Zakk... My favorite "BAND" with Ozzy was prolly Randy Rhoads, Tommy Aldridge, and Rudy Sarzo for the live group. Can't decide on an album group.. altho Zakk, Mike, and Blasko kick ass together!



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