I`m the new guy hello all.... | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

I`m the new guy hello all....

Hey everybody,
Just sayin` hey to all of you. I`m new to the site...just logged in for the first time today. Checkin` stuff out and wanted to introduce myself. So hey all.....talk to you later.


Hey hi all, new to the site. The site looks cool!
I have been called a little metal head since I was 5 now hitting 40, had the pleasure of knowing a man that got to play or audition for Ozzy that played guitar for my uncles band Nasty Habit from Cal - Rudy S, witch ended up playing with Quiet Riot just before.
Had the pleasure of seeing Black Sabbath when I was a youngin in Sanjose and never gave up on the King of Metal
Okay so now ya know - Ozzy is my king of metal!! :)


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