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Hey i'm from Georgia and i'm a huge ozzy fan. and it really sucks that he wont be comeing close enough for me to be able to go to his concert. would love to see him and zombie in concert think its going to be insane. please post back and give me some of your thoughts. especially if your from georgia


Looks like the census is in...Ozzy you need to come to atlanta!!!!! and bring zombie

come to birmingham alabama! Verizon wireless music center is an awesome venue. or anywhere in the south.

I live in Atlanta too. Yeah, It really depreeses me that he's not coming here. Iscream every time I even think about going to one of his concerts. I mean really. Atlanta is one of the biggest cities in the U.S WTF!? It really sucks. Ozzy is the king of the wrld!!!

I too live down south. Had to buy tickets for the D.C. show in Jan. Come on man....the south loves ozzy!!

Yeah, I live in Atlanta, and drove to NC for Ozzfest, all I can say is ~ What the f***, Sharon?
NO Atlanta, NO Alabama, or Carolinas, or Tennessee.

Where the hell does Ozzy's booking manager think EVERYBODY IS MOVING TO...THE SOUTH.
.....and no OZZFEST in Atlanta since 2003.

Complete and total god-damn idiots.

Come on, guys! Swing on down south this tour, huh? Love to see you guys down in Tampa- It's warm down here, instead of freezing your asses off up the arctic North East!


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