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Yo Ozzy! man your the real deal dude, my wife and I always look forward to your shows at Verizon Wireless. We've been going since 1997 and god damn it's one hell of a party! Also in remeberence to Dimebag Darrell I own run and maintain that site so all you f***ing metal heads need to help get the word out on that site!


Hey OZZY, Thanks for the free tickets!! we are making this a family outting. this will be our youngest daughters first concert!! Amanda is 20 and never been to one. she is thrilled to be able to go to OZZFEST with her brother and sister who are blazen to be able to be there. they will be on the lawn front row in front of the screen, thanks to those tickets. we love ya man!! we wish all the best to you and your family.

Where is the best place to stay for the Indy Ozzfest? I am coming in solo in the middle of a road trip, want to find a place where other Ozzy fans are staying.

Just got official word from verizon wireless music center that parking will be 20 bucks per vehicle,period. That just cancelled me and about 20 others outta the show. f*** VERIZON. sorry to miss the show but when a person relies on free tickets to go--you can guess the disappointment and anger of myself and many many others. OZZY ROCKS VERIZON SUCKS. Paul W. (a.k.a. MEZMRYTH)

Saw the show Tuesday at Verizon. Zack Wilde is awsom. Ozzy, whoever oversaw the sound for your vocals should be shot. If you heard yourself, you would retire immediately. I have enjoyed al your music and shows for a long time. I'm in my 40's and now take my kids to shows. Thank you for everything and I hope to see you again under better circumstances. I won't give up on you but you should give up on your sound man. We aren't getting any younger, I want your crew to bring out the best in you always, not what I heard at Verizon. Your loyal fan, Tony L. (

Hey Cain! Awesome site you have for Darrell. I just checked it out. When I was at Ozzfest 2005 they played "In This River" for the first time on the big screen before the main stage started. It was dedicated in memory of Dimebag Darrell and it was awesome. Zakk did a great job on that song and video. I loved it. They were just starting to play it for the 3rd time (and I still wanted to see it again) when the show finally started. What a kick ass show it was too!

We'll be at the Indy show! I'm curious to see how the whole "Freefest" thing turns out. I've been going to Ozzfest since 2002 and am excited for this year's show.

This may be our last seaon at Verizon Noblesville because it's up for sale. I've see lots of great shows there!

ozzy's awesome!! let the king of darkness rule!!!! thanking ozzy for his free tickets to ozz fest this year. got mine today. hell yeah!!!!!!! zakk keep on rocking. ozzy couldn't have a better man on that guitar. ozzy an zakk what a concert it's gonna be. for another thanks zakk for all the tribute you made to dimebag [your the man]just say ozzy an zakk together what a team ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Indy will be the s***!!!! We must have the most awesome concert that he puts on anywhere else...we MUST make his and all bands feel like Indy IS THE PLACE TO COME TO A CONCERT!!!! The Fans made them stars-the fans can stage cool s*** for all those that will hug the gate on the 13th see you then- will be there shortly after midnight on the 13th- I will be pretty tire for work the next day but I will be on time and maybe hung over some- but it will be worth it. Come on what can we all bring that will let Ozzy and Sharon KNOW Indy out shinned every OTHER CITY HE PLAYS... post some suggestions- like real things we can do we won't get arrested. I am all about fun just don't want the man coming down on my special event.


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