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best experience EVAR..thanks Bob : D

Just want to thank 'roadie' Bob (or engineer or something, roadie's not classy enough for him heh) for showing us around backstage last night in Sioux City, it really made everything that much more awesome. I actually wasn't looking forward to this show that much because it was the first SC show I've been to since they redid the Tyson Center, and it was seated, etc. etc. but damn, that's the greatest thing that's ever happened to us at a show. Such an in depth tour of all the workings of the back, all the boards and everyone that works everything. All the backstage stuff, the mixing/directing setup in the back, even inside one of the crew tour buses..We got to meet and shake hands with everyone backstage, and apart from security being suspicious everyone was TOTALLY nice. Seriously, that was so perfect that if you walked that whole thing with a camera it would make for a great DVD feature. (hint hint Ozz eheh) We both really felt special man, thanks so much! Hopefully we'll get to see you again some time : D

Marty & Jess


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