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Announced and confirmed on the radio this morning. No Zombie though...boo!! Still getting Ozzy so whatever. Tickets on sale this Saturday and it will be a nut house.


is this official enough for ya

OZZY Kicks ass!!!! Sucks that Rob Zombie isn't coming, Zach sure as hell better be there, and as far as that s***ty band In This Moment opening..... Come On You Guys Can Do Bettter Than That.


Zakks gonna be there,, zakk is as much apart of an ozzy osboure show as ozzy himself
and if hes not we should riot or somhin

* Noon Skating at HMC

Event Details
Ozzy Osborne
January 26, 2008
Halifax Metro Centre

Ticket Price
Floor: $91.50 each
Lower bowl: $91.50 each
Upper bowl: $76.50 each
Price includes tax and service charge.
Tickets subject to an additional $4.00 per order fee if ordered on-line.

Tickets available to purchase at:

* The Ticket Atlantic Box Office
* Charge by phone at (902) 451-1221
* the 17 participating Atlantic Superstore outlets
* Online

Ticket Limit
10 tickets per person, account and/or credit card used for purchase


whos touring with them?


No Zombie...That Sucks...

people are just spreadin rumours saying that he isnt gonna be there

opening act is "In this moment"

Zakk would play with Ozzy before BLS. He's signed to contract. He HAS to play with Ozzy. BLS is his "side project" when Ozzy is touring. Don't believe the rumours. ZAKK WILL BE IN HFX AND MONCTON.

I'm from Moncton,but going with 10 friends to the Halifax show.He's gonna look at our coliseum and say his bathroom is larger than that,lol.

even though ozzy is a shadow of his former self, i still respect the old ozzy. noone was that cool in the 70's. that alone is enough to make me show up. no doubt he'll have to read the lyrics to "crazy train" and "mr. crowley" from his stage monitors and clap his hands off time to the music, but i suppose seeing the old burned out ozzy is better than no ozzy at all. hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

does anybody else miss the way ozzy sang in early sabbath? with that full throated singing instead of this high pitched nasal voice that he uses these days?

hey how about hell yeah for an opener, oh how I wish!!!! oh how wish vinnie paul hell yeah open for ozzie jan 26 halifax godamn!!!!!!

Glad Zombie isn't coming... but Glad Ozzy is!

umm.....i think anyone who is talking negative about ozzy is f***ed......him and zakk are my idols

wes allen

Bring BLS along ZAKKY


Hey f***ers,

Any word on the set-list?

f*** off.

I'm pumped.. tis' gonna rock!

G Funky: ''Were the HELL Do we get the tickets at IN -HELLIFAX-!????????? For the GodFather Of Rock;N;Roll
f*** yeah The Oz Man

Still waiting fo rthe official word on http://www.halifaxmetrocentre.com/en/home/default.aspx

Whats this I'm hearing about no Zakk!!!!!! NO ZOMBIE NO ZAKK BUT MAYBE A FINGER11!!!!COME ON


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