OZZY we need you to give us another show....PLEASE!!! Consider a concert at Harbour Station in Saint John, NB | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

OZZY we need you to give us another show....PLEASE!!...

You certainly wouldn't be disappointed OZZ....you have alot of great fans, that are not going to be able to get to see you....I'm one of them!!! Give the rest of us a chance, please consider another show on the East coast!?! Thanks man you are the "GREATEST"!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ozzy needs to come to Rochester New York


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I got my hands on some Ozzy tickets to the concert here. It was a blast and unforgettable.

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I have 5 tickets to the Quebec City show...asking face value as we are unable to attend.

No scalping here!

email me: scotianbill@gmail.com

Listen Grant Linda. We're going to have a great time at the Ozzy shows. You're missing out. Too bad. I don't care. I don't feel bad for you. I got up extra early Sat the 1st of Dec and got tickets. You obviously didn't. Too damn bad.
Though if you really want to go there's some great seats going on ebay. Have fun paying $300 a ticket chump!

I agree with Anonymous, as soon as I heard that Ozzy was coming to the Maritimes for sure,I joined the Ozzy Fan Club,next on Wednesday at 09:00 I tried getting presale tickets,but due to techinal problems,and persistance,I finally got my tickets by 10:00 or so,they are good seats.
I have been a fan of Ozzy since the 70's,I was not going to miss these concerts for anything.

You know it Madmac...These shows are going to kick some serious ass. I don't even care if Ozzy has an opener. Rob Zombie would be sweet, but I'm there for The Ozzman. Get on ebay Linda. It's your only chance.

I want to see ozzy halifax sold out in a hour iam going to be very unhappy if i cant get my hands on tickits i live in cape breton and 90% of my town wants to see you and might not have the chance to if i cant get tickits for the halifax one it looks like iam going to have to go to monton if thats not sold out already

You are right about Saint John Anonymous, I work there two weeks on and two weeks off,and I hate the place,it is the dirtiest city in Eastern Canada,I am very happy when my two weeks are up and I can leave the cesspool and go back home for two weeks on the Miramichi.

The only tickets left to purchase in Moncton are VIP!!

Hey I agree ...I'm with you! There should definately be another show here in the Maritimes. Two shows are abviously not enough to give all of the Ozzy fans a chance to see him perform in person. I sure hope someone realizes we need that third show before it's too late!!! Having another show scheduled in at Harbour Station....would show all of the performers, just how much we do want them!! It would be another sell out for sure!!!!

Yes I agree,we need another show at the harbour station,please Ozzy,please,another show in Saint John at the Harbour Station.

lol How about 2 nights at the metro centre :P

The way I see it is....Moncton is getting their chance....same with Halifax....Saint John desirves to have their chance to have Ozzy perform there!! That would cover each, major concert city!!

You people should have bought tickets right away. You procrastinated and now you'll be not seeing the best show the maritimes ever will get. How long did you think it was going to take for the shows to sell out?I don't feel sorry for any of you. I'll be going to Moncton and Halifax!

procrastinated ?? i was on the gawd damn phone & internet trying to get the tickets and still couldn't... you can't just go on raging out on everyone that didn't get a ticket!!!

Don't go to Saint John. It stinks there. Plus they are a rap town. Slayer only got what 700 people there. Though 50 Cent sells out. Good choices with moncton and Halifax. Those are rock and roll towns.OZZY!

know anybody who wants to buy 2 row tickets seats 7 and 8 sect. 50 for 550 anthonycarew@hotmail.com if interested

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United States Anonymous: Sunday, December 2, 2007 - 21:44

You people should have bought tickets right away. You procrastinated and now you'll be not seeing the best show the maritimes ever will get. How long did you think it was going to take for the shows to sell out?I don't feel sorry for any of you. I'll be going to Moncton and Halifax!

In reference to the above comments....


I second what grant.linda says if you have anything to say don't make your name anonymous...chessy


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