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Hello, Ozz!
Just one day! I thought it's eternity that I didn't write here!
This morning I thought: "But... why is Ozzy so special for me?" Well... because when I heard "Dreamer" and "See you on the other side" I fell in love for them immediatly; but I become a real fan a day....
-That afternoon I should meet a boy; I didn't study to see him (though at school I didn't go well!) I said my friends that I couldn't meet them, for him. And when it was evening ('coz he said: "it's better in evening", so I waited to meet him all afternoon...alone) I didn't see him... I waited and... anything, when I called him he was angry too! ("No I can't!!!!") Ok.... I was alone in this little town, the shops were going to close and I decided to go at music shop, last minute...
Here the shopper (who knows me) said: "Hi, Val... Can I halp you?"
I don't know why, but I could say only "Ozzy Osbourne..." So I bought your last cd and... Incredible! After that bad surprise, I had the best present by my life! Your music... The day after that, I wasn't angry, 'coz you teach me that "I don't wanna stop"! How can I thank you? You're special, Ozzy! A big kiss!


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