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my best friends brother is going to the Ozzy/Rob Zombie concert in Worcester on the 8th of January. It is sooo close to where i live!!!!!! my mom wont let me go! i honestly almost f***ing cried!! but anyway... even though her brother is going she could care less about Ozz. My other friends listen to like rap. I dont know what you think but i think rap f***ing sucks!! My dad doesnt like Ozzy. BUT I DONT CARE! i listen to Ozzy multiple times throughout the day! and even though Ozzy doesnt know it he is such a big part of my life!!! i hear him every day! Whats ur favorite Ozzy song? why??

Goodbye to Romance. Goodbye to Friends.
Goodbye to all the Past.
I guess that we'll meet,
we'll meet in the end.


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