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Well, my Dad, listen to Black Sabbath, in His youth... So, hi has nothing against Ozzy. But don't really like him... though His always say , That Without Ozzy,Black Sabbath, it's Not Black sabbath Anymore. And I approve that, because, Ozzy, its the Spirit of Sabbath. And without him, it's just not the same...

The best songs... I just don't know... they all so great... I really like "See You On the other side" (for the lyrics and the... Feeling i get, wen i listen to this song... it's not sadness... but something...i just can't explain. That Part:

Hold Me, Hold Me Tight I'm Falling
Far Away, Distant Voices Calling
I'm So Cold, I Need You Darling, Yeah

I Was Down, But Now I'm Flying
Straight Across The Great Divide
I Know You're Crying, But I'll Stop You Crying ....

Brr... I just get me thrill.. :). ;

"Can you here them" ( For the lyrics, and music. I think Ozzys singing here, about those months His was alone in his room...

"Divorce from his first wife Thelma and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder added to the singer's problems finally sending him into a deep depression. Osbourne became a veritable recluse and took to spending weeks alone locked in his hotel room.

On an errand to collect an overdue fee, Black Sabbath manager Don Arden's daughter, Sharon Arden, discovered Osbourne brooding in his room and convinced him to restart his life. " <--- From Wikipedia :D

And in the song, hi say : The one half thinks I'm crazy,
The other thinks I'm mad, I spent a long long time alone in my room,
I need your help to get me out of this gloom...

The song "I just want You" , and "Crazy train", And "desire", and "get me through", and.... O my god.... They All Are F***** GREATEST!

I can't live a one day without YOU Ozzy. I never felt like this, wen i listen to your music, it's like magic. and I like this! thx you! you really change me life!

P.S. Rap, Totaly SUCKS ! ;D I just can't understand, how they can call that a Music?!
In one of His concerts Ozzy said:
If you listen To Ozzy Osbourne YOU WILL ALL GO TO HELL!!!!
And then i thought, if ozzy will be there to, IT'S GREAT! ;DDD
love u Ozz


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