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I like Goodbye to Romance. [its even in my little signature thing below!!] i know that feeling you're talking about! Goodbye to Romance gives me that feeling. it feels like calm? no. kinda. but whatever it is it goes right through your whole body! and i love it! its kinda like your insides melt!
i like Dreamer too! that's another one that gives me the chills. it's so good!.......
"I'm just a dreamer. I dream my life away.
I'm just a dreamer. who dreams of better days."
dont you love mr. crowley too?!!?!
See You On The Other Side is amazing... i love ozzy.
Suicide Solution is another good one!!
"wine is fine but whisky's quicker. suicide is slow with liquor."
They said some teen committed suicide because of that song but honestly i dont think he did! Ozzy wasn't telling people to kill themselves!! he was talking about the rough time he was going through after splitting with Black Sabbath! people can be so retarded.
do you think Randy Rhoads is a better guitarist than Zakk?

talk 2 u later nisu!

Goodbye to Romance. Goodbye to Friends.
Goodbye to all the Past.
I guess that we'll meet,
we'll meet in the end.


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