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There have been times when I've brought the exact amount to a show for a tee shirt and/or hoodie ... moraly and ethically, this isue with your son is not right, and I would call Fanfire to speak to a high rep and complain as much and as angrily as you can. When garbage like this happens, it only emphasizes the issue of "what's the limit?" How far will people go to make a buck?

There have been times where I get the last size small or one of the last remaining handful, and have "never" gotten robbed. I've also met some disgruntled and downright rude vendors, which it sounds what this merchandiser was.

Society has gone downhill so much, and we don't need anybody or anything adding to the mess.

For all those fans who for whatever reason think these guys are jerks for not wanting to spend more than the advertised price, in the words of Tim McGraw, "I don't know why you gotta be angry all the time."


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