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Ozzy in Halifax

Is everyone ready? Only 2 weeks away for Ozzy in Halifax .We are going to have the party of our life . This is going to be the best thing to happen to Halifax .


4 days , I don't know if i can wait that long , I guess i will have to wait until next week to get a full night's sleep . Still can't get through to the Q , I want to be a judge .

Kenny Pothier

3 days to go . I want to be a judge Thursday night . C ome on q answer my call .

Kenny Pothier

Oh HELL Yeah!
Picked up 5th row Floor seats for my Son and myself for the first show.
This will be one of his top memories for sure.
Sure would like to know if Zombie has decided to come.
Hopefully he caught wind of the energy that will be in the building for these 2 shows.

SO f***ING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your right we will not forget this one . I hope Rob Zombie comes too . They will not be disappointed .

Picked up Front row seats for my Son and Myself for Saturday.
More for him than me but Its gonna be a Blast for sure.

I still believe way deep down that Zombie will show up...don't know why,I just do!
He has cancelled all his shows after the TO show Jan21
But I just know he will be here! PLEASE....

Hell Yes,
This will be my 3 show this week. I saw both the London & the Toronto shows, which kicked ass! Halifax get ready for one loud show and I mean LOUD. I was in the 4th row for London & my socks where vibrating no s***. Rob Zombie seems a little louder but Ozzy is loud. Warning to all, If your sitting in the first ten rows & you want to keep your hair just right or your wearing your favorite concert T, better bring a rain coat. haha.
You all should know the set list buy now, but if you go nuts at the end & make noise he will come back. But we have to work for it. So after you hear the last notes of Paranoid, go f***ing crazy & don't stop till the lights come back on. :P Let's get him back on the stadge for ......... Iron Man.


Does anyone know with 100% certainty that Zakk Wylde will or will not be with Ozzy in Halifax this month? I've heard rumors that he won't be there, but it has yet to be confirmed. Zakk's site lists him as on tour with Ozzy & Rob Zombie with dates up to and including January 24th, but there's nothing beyond that.

Any info that anyone can provide on this would be greatly appreciated.

2 days left , I will fill tommorrow in with Zakk Wylde at Musicstop and party Saturday for as long as we can keep Ozzy going .

Kenny Pothier

He's doing Autograph sessions at the Moncton and Halifax Musicstops.

poiuy what seats are they??

I CAN'T f***ING WAIT!!!!!!!!

52 seats 1-4
Sold the 5th row and grabbed these ones on Ebay.

it probably won't help, but i posted this message on the 3 dates before the maritimes:

hey everyone, help out the maritimes, we need everyone to let zombie know he needs to go to moncton and halifax. he would make an awesome concert even better, so PLEASE everyone shout it out after his set, let him know we love him too and want to see him.

maybe he'll realize how great moncton and halifax are and actually come here too, and yes i know my request is kinda lame, but whatever might help, i'll try.

1 day to go . I am now ready for Ozzy . Got to see Zakk Wylde today at Musicstop , he is an awesome guy . He signed something for me , shook hands and hugged me . He did this with everyone that came along . I thing he was feeling pretty good when he got there and that's the way it should be . But i gotta say he is a class act .
Now if he and Ozzy will keep coming back and maybe a BLS show we will have it made . It's Ozzy's eve , so sleep well tonight if you can and get ready to kick some ass tommorrow .

Kenny Pothier

Zakk WILL be playing here...guaranteed...don't worry !

First off... I would like to express my thanks to the staff of MusicStop Halifax for taking such good care of their loyal customers while waiting in the sub-zero cold to see Zakk. I mean really... Hot Chocolate to keep us warm then handing out tickets to those in line so that we could go warm up and then return without issue. YOU GUYS ROCK!!
Secondly, not unlike SDMF Kenny who posted here earlier this evening, I have to agree with his conception of Zakk. Warm hearted, caring and slightly buzzed, all made for a wonderful visit for me, my wife and our BLS friends. Seeing Ozzy tomorrow night will be a dream in itself, but to have stood face to face with Zakk Wylde while he signed my Bullseye and made light hearted comments to my wife and friends while accepting us into the Society will be a hard thought to remove as we watch him on stage.

To everyone attending the show... CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE THE EVENING WITH YOU!



See you all tomorrow at the show.

the post was about rob zombie, not zakk, i know zakk's coming, he's doing signings at the musicstop the night before

The day is here , let the madness begin . With only hours to go I am getting very anxious . Finally Ozzy has come to Halifax Nova Scotia . Hope to see all my friends and family that are going to this concert . I hope everyone else party's hard . I will be the crazy f***er in section 8 , cause the Road to Nowhere leads to me

Kenny Pothier

Rob Zombie IS NOT PLAYING HALIFAX!!!!! Stop asking/wondering.........

Countdown's begun , only one week away . Next Saturday can't come quick enough . Ozzy in Halifax is coming true .

Kenny Pothier

6 days away . Ozzy in Halifax . I heard Rob Zombie is not coming , that's to bad because we really want him here .

Kenny Pothier

5 days away . It's getting closer .I just gotta say Q104 rules , it's all Ozzy all week . I just wish I could get through to go Thursday night and judge these possible opening bands . Holy crap it is hard to get through on the phone .

Kenny Pothier



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