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can you help with this nightmare she is having her life has stopped because of this she has poisoning herself with superglue because nhs have refused her tratment and her roots are smashed her teeth are dis figured and she isnt eating sleeping and she is a prisoner in her home because of the state it is in please can you make a donation toward her getting dental inplants she cant get the temp bridge she has in because there is nothing for it to go in since 97 she has a1/4 inch gap each side in of her teeth and her teeth are disfigured they are leaving her like this because she knows she cant go on we have two kids and they are going to leave her to die please ring me 07910597267 please help oz



I wanna know if you are related with this girl? If she is your friend or sister, talk to her and encourage her to eat and sleep and do the normal way of life. It is not the end of the world! I found a website of dentists and I hope it is near or close to where that woman is located, <a href="">Scottsdale Dentists</a>. If you can take her to that dental clinic it I wish it will make her feel good and better. Good luck.


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