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any female ozzy fans here in north carolina?


tim trying to pick up chicks on your way to ozzfest, awesome.

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and to all of you SDMF out there nick will be signing at the monster energy drink stand in charlotte!!!

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
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hey i aint no chick but i live in nc too,hickory area

Hey guys just wanted to let anyone that is in need of to covered seats that I have two up for grabs!! I will be on all night so hit me up if your in need

Hey guys did eveybody get their tickets? Outlaw I know you have yours glad we could go to that s*** together and I am assuming that you have a wife or important other however if i am wrong speak up and what ever happened to Tim35nc. I was hoping to meet alot of people before going down to the concert. Somebody tell Tim that we are both from Lexington.There is nothing wrong with wondering who is going to see Ozzfest or trying to "pick" them up. If the body paint people are back this year I will be one of the ladies going wild and only wearing paint for a shirt hell it is almost as much fun as a Harley ride, however Ozzfest does'nt happen but once a year if we are lucky!!

--yay me!!!!!!!!! the charlotte show was f***ing awesome!!!!!!!!
i love my tama drums!!!!!!!!!!!

LiLith, married since 2002. went to ozzfest in ATL as honeymoon. still sec 5 seats in charlotte. just went on f***NATION at 8 am est. jump on it ozzfest. and LiLith thanx it was alot of fun last nite

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
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umm... just letting everyone kno im a fan of ozzy but i have not yet ben to a concert my dad was supposed to go with me to the concert because he is the one that got me into ozzy....and i really want to go to one of his concerts....does anyone know if he is coming to charlotte for his concert cuz i havent ben on the computer lately it was messed up bad...let me kno if yall know if ozzy is having a concert down here again...cuz i really want to go...




n.carolina aug 28th 12 pm I CANT f***ING WAIT!!! driving 8 hours from north florida p-cola

i am not familiar with the charlotte area. i am looking to see if someone knows of a hotel in the area preferably in walking distance to the concert.

wjp I have no info as to a good place for you to stay the web is your best bet, I don't know the area sorry I cant help you out

-sprading- Hell Yea a true Ozzy fan will stop at nothing I hope you got some good seats safe trip to you!
**as for myself I am coming solo I am tired of the BS that has been handed to me as I went down my line of friends to see if they would like to come.They all have a problem they are NOT true fans, I have heard way to many times "well if it is a free it is going to suck" WTF (I guess they forgot the whole idea behind Ozzfest 2007..and my code came w/the pre-ordered cd ) so I have made up my mind not one single person that spoke or even thought that sentence will have a second chance of going.On the other side I will not have to worry about spending money on them the only person I will be bringing back anything for is my daughter!

HEY LILITH im from nc too hickory area lets talk

All ya'll rock a little harder than normal, since i am in Iraq and cannot make it to the show.
Death is not the END..... But a doorway to another life

Hello all just checking in to see what is going on lately.
-mycrazylife- I know that is not the "fun" place to be(my cousin was there for Desert Storm) I would like to keep in touch with you and send you a I care package. Personally I think we all should get some stuff and send it over to this person who can not come to Ozzfest because he is serving our country.My thoughts and Blessings are with you! Keep in touch!
-dale- we can do that. what kind of seats did you end up getting from ------nation? I live down at High Rock Lake I am not sure how far that is from you, I could look it uop and see however I am pressed for time.So I am going to run for now I will check back in later today.
If you all are on IMVU look me up I am Fariest Nymph there
on you will find me there as Lilth

i found 1 hotel, nothing in walking distance. 3 miles. drunk is not the way. so let me put this out there. anyone want to bunk? i have 1 other person coming, cut the cost down and maybe cab it back and forth? 2 beds at 22.50 a person. i am planning on being there 2 nights. 45 a person. BTW OZZY CHARLOTTE DOES SUCK ,was there for a football game and stayed a block away from the stadium and the folks did not even know they were playing. gimme a shout at

yes there are I am one of them!

ANON- YOU SUCK who the hell cares about football your on an ozzy forum go to the nfl forum to talk s*** about THE CAROLINA PANTHERS

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after I had left a reply I looked to see where in NC you are and we must be close see for yourself!

hello, this is my first post here, and i would like to let any1 within driving distance of charlotte nc, WHO NEED CODES FOR TICKETS, i know where there is a huge monster drink set up with over 200 codes....THIS IS NO BULLs***, AND I AM SERIOUS....HOLLER BACK AND GIVE EMAILS AND I WILL GIVE YOU DIRECTIONS TO THE CODES......


my wife is a fan!!!!! and my daughter and my sister!!! and my mother!!!!!

Ányone know what the odds of getting my gibson les paul signed at the concert would be. Im guessing slim to none... Just getting back from Iraq 4 days prior to the concert, and that would be awsome.

Bishop you seem to be a lucky man, rockn family and a pretty wife! Hell Ya. Are you all going to Charlotte?

hawk if your lp has a pick guard take it prob your best bet. might take my strat face plate

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
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