My english teacher dated Ozzy's old drummer, Lee Kerslake | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

My english teacher dated Ozzy's old drummer, Lee Ker...

I just found out today after presenting a project that I of course included Ozzy in that my high school english teacher, Ms.K, used to date Ozzy's old drummer, Lee Kerslake back when he was with Uriah Heep. She told me stories about how he would play and wrestle around with her kids. But they eventually had to break up because of his busy schedule. Then a year or 2 later he went on to help Ozzy start out on his solo career. Just thought that was kinda cool and that id share.

anyone else have any stories like this? knowing celebrities or knowing people with direct links to celebs?


she told me more stories today....about meeting all the guys from uriah Heep...pretty cool...i have a new found respect for my english teacher


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