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anyone else who cant stand dio?

I so tired of reading dio fanatics comments on music new sites like its so obvious ozzy is the real deal and dio is just a fake f***ing dwarf idiot. his fans a re f***ing stupid as s*** to. its so nice that black rain is coming out soon, so no one will give af*** about dio besides his f***ing loser fans. cant belive another metal singer would s*** talk ozzy so bad, like jesus f***ing christ, he helped create the genre.


Ozzy is the man. Always will be the one who started it all. But I have a couple Dio cds and he has a great voice. Its the same thing as the people who compare Priest with Maiden. They're both great , they have their cds that rock and some that suck. I LOVE OZZY he will always be my fav. Just like Priest. But Dio and Maiden can't be booted in the ass. Cause they rock to.

Dio is fine with his own music. He will never be a Black Sabbath front man IMO...... It is Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy.... CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No arguments here cause the high courts have already made this ruling..... No appeals LOL................... ;)

I'm a huge Ozzy fan, thats of course why i'm on this site. Both ozzy and Dio are great singers. I dislike Dio a bit for a few reasons and none are just becuz "he's dumb as s***" or cuz he replaced Ozzy. It is because he has a huge ego. He makes claims like he invented the 'devil horns" i'm sorry but that is s***! Although he has stopped blaintantly s*** talking Ozzy in interviews whenever Ozzy comes up he still has this HUGE attitued like he is so much better than Ozzy, when in all actuality as far as the biz goes Ozzy has far outdone Dio by a long run. The biggest reason though is I'm just not huge into the music Dio makes. He writes about s*** I'm just not into, the way he writes about dragons and medievil times and all that good and evil s***, just makes me think of a bunch of nerds hanging out in their basements playing dungeons and dragons and listening to Dio singing about "riding a f***in tiger!"

So it's cool to dislike Dio, its all your opinion. Just please have an actual reason to back up your opinion

Dio is great. Ozzy is great. You don't have to like Dio just like you don't have to like David Coverdale. Listen to the music you like and don't complain about the music you don't like. I like Dio and EVERY era of Black Sabbath ((Ian Gillian, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, and Tony Martin)

I must disagree with the Ozzy is the real deal because it has been 10 f***ing years since he reunited with Sabbath and we've only gotten 2 studio songs (one of which doesn't have Bill playing drums) a one new live song. They are all great but Ozzy is jerking us around touring with Sabbath every other year and promising new material and never delivering.

Tony got together with Ronnie and wrote three amazing songs. I just don't understand how Ozzy can release an amazing new album with Zakk and not even try with Tony. Fused was awsome Black Rain is killer.

Sorry but he fronted Sabbath from 1979-1982, then again from 1991-1992, and yet again from 2006-present day (until the H&H tour is over)

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

Ozzy is great and so is Dio. they both made some amazing music with Sabbath, and i'm seeing em on saturday. if you dont like Dio, fine. but at least have a better reason than "he's stupid as s***".

and you know what? if you dont like the comments on Blabbermouth, maybe you shouldnt be there.

I dunno, but one time I visited Dio's website and some wind-up poster wrote something that almost made me spit my soda through my nose from laughing so hard. He wrote:

"Ronnie James Dio needs a stepladder in order to kiss Ozzy's ass!"

THAT was a good one! Dio's alright, but he's not about sex all that much. All that devils,dungeons,dragons and rainbows and what have you. Not my cup of tea. I met Dio backstage during Sabbath's 'Dehumanizer' tour. A very gracious man, but -man! He's -literally- like 4 feet tall! It was surreal!

I think its kind of sad that if Dio had never fronted for Sabbath, & was only known for his music with Rainbow, & his solo work, that people would put him on a much higher plateau than what he is regarded at. Dio was one of the heavier rock artists out there in his day, & basically helped pioneer the metal scene into what it is at present, & that is dark, heavy, & provocative. The only reason Dio's music creativity, or contributions are questioned is because he tried to fill Ozzy’s shoes when Iommi & Bill gave him the boot out of Sabbath. If it weren’t for that one little, but significant fact, we would all be yackin about what a great singer he was, & how he started the whole devil horns sign, & how cool that s*** was. But instead yet even today people want to compare Dio & Ozzy together. As for me, myself, & I, doing that is almost the same as trying to compare John Lennon, & Elvis up together. For crying out loud they sound nothing-alike people, & their whole style and approach is totally different. So it is with this thought that I will part with ya, we as Sabbath & Ozzy fans need to grow the f*** up & just let it all rest, after all its all in the past, nothing more than musical history fact & nothing more.


He may be a very nice person, I don't know. However I have never cared for his music. I am a die hard Ozzy/Sabbath fan and IMO there is no other formula that works for me other than the one the includes Ozzy as Front-man.
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So you rank people on their stature, something they can't control? Are you gonna then judge a vocalist cause they are fat, or a gril? So Dio is short but he has one hell of a voice. And all of his songs aren't D&D. Ever listen to Magica? Awsome album even better with the 20min story narritive at the end. Dehumanizer isn't very well known to me but I don't recall too much D&D/rainbow lyrics on that. I think people base that stereotype on Neon Knights (a great song BTW) or Heaven & Hell. Sure he uses the word "rainbow" in a lot of songs. But there is diversity. Personally I love his Elf and pre-Elf recordings. Very different but I still like them. Check 'em out here:

I really enjoy the tune "Amber Velvey"

P.S. I envy you that you got to see Sabbath on their Dehumanizer tour :)

Dio is a great singer...but in the last years he sounds like a bad copy from himself, the same melodies, the same tone, the same lyrics, the same stupid fans.
His success has fineshed in midles of the 80's due to the lack of inspiration in his songs. Because he is a more technical singer than Ozzy is, he never could accept the ruge success reached by Ozzy. It was cause of envy by Dio, that is always finding a way to underestimate Ozzy's work in his enterviews. What happens is that the Dio's fan were contaminated by this feeling of envy.
Ozzy does not have the same vocal quality that Dio has, but in othe aspects he's been much better, he writes better melodies, he has a more commertial tone, and is not necessary to talk about charism.
Each one has the desearved position in the Rock n' Roll history.
Dio is a great singer, OZZY IS THE KING!!!!

Fabiano Negri - Singer

I must say Im not a Dio hater but it does get pretty f***ing annoying hearing all these people go on and bash Ozzy. These are the same people who if Ozzy walked into the room they would all bow down and kiss his ass.

f*** dio.Ozzy is the MASTER AND COMMANDER OF ALL. I think if your here you should be ozzy all the way.If you want to be all sweet and nice and say dio is ok too you shouldn't f***ing be here

I like Dio, man, hes alright. but no man can compare to the Ozzman

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Dio envies no mortal. If you actually knew his songs you wouldn't being saying that. Ozzy wouldn't be half as much as he is without Sharon exploiting him. And there are a lot of fans that both Ozzy and Dio share.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

i don't mind dio, but there is only 1 Ozzy!!!!


There's no doubt that ozzy rules. But i can't understand why some of you have so much against Dio.
after all he did come up with songs like ''Heaven and hell'' and ''neon knights''.
Fix me!!!

I can understand people who like Dio, but I don't think he do got such a great voice. I've heard better. Sure, he took Ozzy's place, but heck - he can't be blamed for that now can he? BUT, I don't like his singing, and I don't think he's a great performer. And that's my point of view, so I'm not saying anyone should look at it the same way.

And seriously, 4 feet tall? Man, that's even shorter than me, and I'm a tiny girl!

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anybody that knows anything about anything wouldnt be talking down on me, someone saying "Dio Sux" is very ignorant....thats like saying George Bush is a genius.... I went to the Heaven and Hell, Megadeth, Machine head show in albuquerque , helluva show.

so eat it

i cant stand dio

You know we are on this site because we all love Ozzy. We obviously would take Ozzy over Dio. But you know opinions are like ass-holes - everyone has one. I personally did not come on here to be brought down by someone who has such a horrible attitude and a shallow mind to lower himself to the same level of those who are childish enough to bad mouth Ozzy. Your attitude of "Dio is a f***ing Drawf Idiot" and "his fans are dumb as s***" is shallow and childish! You give those who know that words are just that and are true Ozzy fans and can respect the work of others at the same time, a bad name. But lets give a cliche that seems to be as childish you are acting. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.". All I can really say is Grow Up. You cannot compare the two, it is like apples to oranges.
Ciao, Nette

He's not 4 feet tall. he is around 5'4. Dio walked in a resturant right behind Dio and got an autograph and everything. Said he came up to his chin, we measured...5'4.

I am happy to hear the show was hella good "Cliff em all! I would like to have seen it, but work did not allow me the leisure. As for Machine Head, how were they? And is Queensrÿche on the tour still with heaven & hell? If so that would be a bad ass show to see! I seen Queensrÿche back when they opened for up for Metallica on the Justice for all tour, I was all hopped up on coke, thinking they were brain washing me with their light show & the huge symbol/crest they had behind them on stage, ahhhh the good ole days! How I so miss them sometimes! lmao

As for Dio I have respect for the man, he is a legend in his own right. I look back on his music and grin ear to ear, I loved those albums, it was fun times in those days, fun times indeed!


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f*** off!!! Dio is as cool as Ozzy! But such stupid fans like you realy suck!!!

for me, it was a huge disappointment after i heard dio in black sabbath after ozzy left, the band still played great music even without ozzy, but i just can't stand that dio took all the fame after ozzy left, but on the other hand if he hadn't have left we wouldn't have all the great ozzy songs today

Ok, that sounds more like it, began to wonder here...if he was shorter than me, and I'm 5.2.

Always: Expect the worst!

dont care for dio. if theres no ozzy,its not sabbath.

Man, I totally agree. My friends and I were at Wal-Mart hanging out.. [sadly, in NEPA that's really the only place to go without cops b****ing about loitering] and my friend Justin shoved Sabbath's "The Dio Years" in my face. I told him to get that trash the f*** outta my light. What a bunch of b/s. In reality, nobody cares about Dio. When people think of Black Sabbath, they think of Ozzy automatically. Period. Bottom line, Black Rain is going to kick so much ass and everyone will continue to ignore Dio.

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totally agree with Nette! Well said!

All I got to say is Ozzy's the man & Dio is one ugly mother f****r!!!!!!


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