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What do you think about Black Rain ?

I live in Izmir Turkey,unfortunately Black Rain is not still released here,hopefully it will be released in two weeks time,so i am waiting the new album eagerly.I just want to know what is your opinion about the new album ?


Hey vampirella sana mesaj attım burdan özelden nerelerdesin,bana tekrar mail atsana. mericege@superonline.com kendine iyi bak...


that's a really good one but as jonke says u have to listen it 4 a while..özellikle ben lay your world on me'ye bittim:) çok tatlı bir balad olmuş..dinlemeni tavsiye ederim..ozzy kicks asses again yeahh!!!

--hey,meriç nerelerdesin ulaşamıyorum sana..mail adresim değişti gerçi mail attım ama görmedin sanırım..neyse görüşürüz kabul edersen hoşçakal..


I dig it the most!

Hi fellas.Black Rain is released here in Turkey,i got my copy immediately.I am at song 2 now and it is f***ing great.Long live Ozzy !!!

Well 'ello there ;) What I think about "Black Rain"? Umm... I just love it. Very good album. There is many good songs in album for example "I don't wanna stop" and "Almighty dollar".

Hey Vampirella, i see that you are from İstanbul.That's a good thing for me,because i thought i was alone here.Türkçe yazmıyorum bu adamlar da anlasın diye :-),yanlış anlama. Bu arada Lay Your world On Me dediğin gibi çok iyi ben bir de Here For You'yu beğendim.Senin profiline girerek seni buddy listeme ekledim,sen de eklersen sevinirim.Bu arada MSN kullanıyorsan oradan da mesajlaşabiliriz.Adresini verirsen seni ekleyebilirim.Kendine iyi bak...


persontly for me the album is unbeliveble, its great sound (down to earth was not so great) all hard work musicans, and thank you ozzy, you are # 1
Too many bought a one way ticket
But I'll be with you 'til the end


merhaba mericege..bayadır girmiyordum ksr bakma yeni cvp yazabiliyorum ben de burda kendimi yalnız hissediyordum ii oldu burda olman:)ben de seni buddy listeme ekledim..msn adresim callousvampire@hotmail.com..eklersen görüşürüz..tüm metal alemi hakkında konuşabiliriz..görüşmek üzere..hoşçakal..

I love Black Rain especially I Don't Wanna Stop!!!

All my mates who have heard this think it's great. I've played it to a few people in my local pub some of them have never heard any Ozzy stuff other than the singles like changes and dreamer and they love it . It surprised a few of them. I think it's a great album. I just like all his stuff any way. The only album he's done I'm not that keen on is Technical ecstasy with Sabbath. I've got everything he's done and some rare unreleased stuff too.

Another master piece from the Prince of darkness

to be completely honest its probably my faouvirte album

I like it!!!! Much better than down to earth! i think that this album is a little underrated, because when you have listened to it for a while its great!! not ozzy's best album, but still a good one!
R.I.P Randy Rhoads

I think this album is cool.
To say hes not written an album in about 6 years, hes still got the magic :)

Keep rockin ozzy!!

I like the album , its differin and it sound is great. However you have to hear it several times before it gets to you .

I think this album is cool.
To say hes not written an album in about 6 years, hes still got the magic :)

Keep rockin ozzy!!

I think it is great.. The more you hear it the better it gets..

Mette Denmark..

I like this OZZY'S album sooooo much...the songs in this CD totalllllly great...I could listen it over and over again!!!! Actually my favourite always was "diary of a madman" but I this album is something new to me sooo I just love it :D

A really good one. That's all.
Trancing like a cat on a hot tin shack

I love "Black Rain" because it was reason to visit St.Petersburg with concert!!!! )))) Black Rain Tour 4-ever! "I'm here for you" rulezz!

Screaming at the window... (c) Ozzy


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