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My portrait

ozzy portrait 004.jpg

This is a portrait I had designed for me of my favorite Ozzy pics.
I am so proud of this, it hangs on my wall in my bedroom right where I can see it.
I think my friend did a fantastic lifelike portrait...bless her for making me sooo happy with the outcome of this...



That is fukin badass man

that is so amazing im sooooooo jealous!!!! lol well done ur m8!!!
I love you....I love you more than life itself but you're all f***in mad!!! -Ozzy Osbourne

to you a hellyeah for admiration ,,to your friend a big hellyeah for she is an inspiration....

Congrats to the artist for their rendition great work!!!
Freelance Artist
Robert Farrell

omg this so awesome,great resemblance

You have a friend that is a good artist

That is so cool. Does she take request....LOL

your friend is amazing. these are wonderful!!!

happiness is only a peircing away


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