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Anyone going to the Gorge, in WASHINGTON?

Been waiting in line for an hour.... just wondering how others are doing?


Took me over an hour to get the live nation site to work and not have been in line for about 1 hour

Took me 2 and a half hours to get tickets...Ended up with GA tickets. I live about half an hour from the Gorge so we'll be there....

I got mine for the Gorge in George, and it took me 2 hours just to get them. I'm locking these f***ers up so they don't get lost or stolen. See you at the Campground on Friday the 13th for the parties before the concert.

My tickets are for GA, Row GA3 Seat 220 and 221...Are these lawn seats, which they probably are...Or are they in the front section?

The thing about the Gorge, everything is basically General Admission... so you can go anywhere you want. It took like 2-3 hrs to get the tickets for the gorge but i'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to put my code in and it said it was already used....WTF?

Wouldn't be surprized if people were making up codes to get tickets .....either that, or maybe you typed a wrong letter or something....Like 0 or O.....

Took me 3 minutes to get my tickets, sounds like i got pretty lucky. I can't wait for this show, there is no better place in the world for a concert, and those of you that are gonna be camping ( probably all of you ) listen to me very very closely, f*** THE GORGE CAMPGROUND!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!

Stay at the Wildhorse Campground down the street, cheaper, way more fun and they shuttle you back and forth. ITS WELL WORTH IT!!

Go to and tell em Captain Canuck sent you!!

it was well worth the wait!!!!!! there are no bad seats at the gorge!


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