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How do I do it???

I got my free Ozzfest tix via email code online today and got lawn seats...only problem is I'm disabled and the lawn is too steep for my can I change them for more suitable seats? I am (hopefully) going to the West Palm Ozzfest concert.....any answers (solutions) would be SO appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Go to livenation,com ( maybe tommorrow) and the venue and concert you are going to there should be a phone number to call for assit with special needs seating ect. at each venue.

I think there is one general handicapped section for all.

thanks you guys, i appreciate your responses.....are you going to the West Palm one as well? This will hopefully (crossing fingers) be my first time seeing Ozzy....and maybe his last, so I don't want to miss out....have any of you seen him before? I saw the Rock Honors on TV and he was fantastic, in my opinion...he looked healthy, happy and just rockin'...awesome.


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