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redeeming codes

I am having trouble redeeming my code that was sent to me.i get error404 or something like that.Can anyone help get my tickets for indiana???????PLEASE!!!!!! I AM BEGGING............


You know what....some people were like I was so rude for waiting til the next day (redeeming with a cd code)
but yet me, my daughter, and her daddy with a chaparone got tickets for Alpine Valley---we willl be there



wish i could go to ozzfest but ya don't have a link to put my exclusive code into ....???...are the tickets gone? I had to make arrangements living in Chicago to get up to Milwaukee and I do and then I can't find a place to put my code ...what a scam to buy his cd ...I have a about 4 of his cd's - this trick was just cold ...don't offer them a free ticket and then foul them out. at least put some notice on website of something - I don't see anything about the code. I must be a total schmuck


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