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Thank you!

Ok Ozzy here is the deal.
I have followed your music since a was 15 I’m 47 now. Spent 22 years in the U.S. military…always with war pigs playing in my head. Though out my life I have understood your honesty and raw feelings. hate prudes, vanity, liars and biblical snobs. I believe your more in touch with the true gosphal then most preachers. Looking at Chists life he loved outcasts, and simple people with big hearts. And an occasional ass thrashing for disrespecting his dad. Do I still believe in Christ? Let just say do you have a better plan? How you ever got labeled ant-Christ is a mystery to me. I suppose marketing.. If you truly are a convert and antichrist fine…would like to know why. ….chances are zero. Lucifer has a certain charm I agree but falls before who? Anyway didn’t want to get into religious babble…You need to understand you have fans from some of the remote places on earth. It’s all ways a pleasure to see what comes out of your mouth next. Take care and Gods speed to you Ozzie.
From: probably just another bipolar maniac. Diary of a mad man….But it works for me.
I’ll give you no bulls*** and I’ll never pretend. God only understands why they can’t see the obvious.
Paranoid rains supreme. Ty
Take care


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