Is anyone seeing Ozzy in Milan? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Is anyone seeing Ozzy in Milan?

I'm from Sydney, Australia and I'll be in Europe for 3 weeks in September and October. I have a ticket to see Ozzy in Milan and would love to party with some locals! I am flying from Munich to Milan on the same day as the Ozzy concert. Hopefully I find a few crazy people to spend some more time with before I go to Barcelona!


Hey Auzzie! Badass, glad you loved it!! Maybe we'll meet another time???

Hey Azz301 ;-) love your city - been there twice! Last time 2005 love your country, smile! No, I´m not going to Milan to see Ozzy - But he comes to Denmark this monday aug. 30! Enjoy your stay in Europe, and hope you´ll have a great concert with Prince og Darknesssss, yeaarrrr!

Greetings from Auzzie Lotte DK ;-)


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