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VIP presales

Ticketmaster shows that for the Toronto show Nov 2010, there will be VIP Presales. Do we need a code and where do we get it?


No. There is not an "official" Ozzy fan club. The whole digital part of their information management is suffering in my opinion. I really hope they don't go to a paid site. I don't follow many bands because who the heck can slap down $40-80 a pop per band. Seriously. F* that. We already buy their merchandise and music.

Looking for the same VIP presale code for the Jacksonville Florida show in Feb... Anybody know...?

I am also looking for a presale code for VIP tickets. If anyone finds one can you please post?

Not that I know of. Hope this finds you. The press announcement didn't mention anything about a password.

:o) Right on. Hope you get some HOT pictures, and share them!!! I'm on Facebook, Arizona Darkblade, if you happen to buy VIP and get some radical pictures please share? I'm friends with Ozz-fans all over the world who are BIG diehards for Ozzy and who would LOVE to see what you snap. Many don't get close like that, so it would be fantastic. I get decently close, but can't do the $1k seats :o(.

New member here. same question. is there an official ozzy fan club?

New member here. same question. is there an official ozzy fan club?


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