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Been an Ozzy fan for decades now, so I was esctatic to see all the great merch. on this site available to purchase. But have heard alot of complaints about not receiving merchandise ordered. Anyone else having problems?I can't get an order status and am getting a little concerned. They have my money, I want my OZZY stuff! Love you Ozzy!!!


How late is this stuff? And, did you order from here or from Live Nation? Your reply confused me.

If it's here, have you tried writing to the website on the link below? Or might I suggest going to and sending an email to Wizard_of_Ozz (the webmaster) there?

Maybe it isn't something they're aware of.

Frankly, much of the online PR stuff Ozzy has nowadays is just abysmal. That would include online merchandise. It is a big shame. WAY more promo should be done then is being done.

I would LOVE to do something like manage that for Ozzy as a job. That would be a blast.

Ripoff report directory. And the BBB gives them a D+ grade. Did receive an email from livenation saying it will be shipped and given a tracking number, but Fedex has not received product yet. Even if I receive what I ordered, I don't think I will order from them again. I do alot of online shopping and this is by far the worst customer service I've come across and it all seems very unprofessional for such a big organization in my opinion.

lol, I was also confused. I was at, I clicked on the "shop" icon in the upper right hand corner of the page, then i clicked on Official Merchandise store, saw a hoodie that would normally cost twice as much if I'd bought it at the concert and was thrilled,and ordered one. Then I thought "why not get our t-shirts with tour dates BEFORE the concert?" And while I'm at it, I'll get the limited edition print. When you click on Official Merchandise store, it sends you to LiveNation's website, which is also FanFire (so who are they anyway?) I sent them an email complaining about no order status(if you can't get an order status then why have this feature on your website?), then i received an email from them stating the order will be shipped Jan.5th which also had a tracking number from Fedex. I checked that number and Fedex has shipping info but no product to be scanned. THEN I receive a response to my complaint email stating it was shipped standard shipping and that NO tracking info is available for this shipping method, (then WHY give me a tracking number?!?!) They said to give it 10 business days to receive product. So in ten days I will either have my Ozzy stuff or I will be getting ready to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company. I'm hoping that it's just that LiveNation sucks at doing business and I'll have my stuff. Even newbies on Ebay do better than they have. I may be over-reacting but I originally posted this hoping I'd hear some positive comments from someone who'd ordered from LiveNation.

UPDATE- my stuff arrived in whole. LOVE the hoodie! It is very light-weight. Love the tshirts and poster ( thought the "limited edition" poster would be numbered, but isn't- don't really care about that tho). Will I order from Livenation/Fanfire again? Probably not as they don't really seem to know what's going on in their own company. But my love for all things Ozzy may overcome my annoyance with their lack of professionalism.

That's Ozzsome! Glad to hear it all worked out in the end. Distressing to hear about. :o(. But I love all things what is this poster you got? Got a pic of it?

i got the pic/t-shirt bundle of the one with 3 Ozzy faces and crows. to see a pic of it just go to the Ozzy merchandise page of this website. i believe it says the posters are numbered, this is misleading there is NO number of any kind on my poster (except the year). like i said before though, no biggie i guess. i just love Ozzy~can't wait to see him this weekend in Detroit!!! hope he doesn't get snowed in in Tulsa!

way cool. not that it's not numbered tho. that sux. wtf?

i hope the snow doesn't impact your show. there's a thread in the Ozzy Discussion area ... some are saying they couldn't make the drive through 21" of snow.

that makes me so sad! and they are right, why DOESN'T his MANAGEMENT USE HER BRAIN and reschedule shows in those states later in the year! it's dangerous for them to make the drive.

i would think it would be equally dangerous for the boys to travel interstate given they don't always fly gig to gig.

Hmmm. I would be worried too. I don't know them personally, but I am following Sharon and Ozzy on Twitter. I just tweeted this to their accounts to ask them to check into this. Not that it would make a damned bit of difference lol, who knows if it's even them monitoring that ha ha...

But on a more serious note, that doesn't sound right. I have always received anything I've ordered.

Just / where would you "have heard alot of complaints?"


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