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Geezer Butler Statement on Future of Black Sabbath (...

For those who may not know, Geezer published this on his website today.

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Oops, double post

Very disappointing to say the least.

Aww Geezer. Why!
As a fan since the mid 70's, this is very very disappointing news. Why can't the man put aside his ego for one second and give Sabbath fans what they have been waiting for.

Ozzy has been rocking the house down all over the world. The man is a legend. Geezer is a control freak, that's all I have got to say. A bratty selfish control freak. He was in 1979, he is in 2011. So, as was the case in the past, without Ozzy, Sabbath is no more in my book. This is the final rift. The final insult. They are gone. FLUSH! They have been since 1979 anyway. All they have ever wanted of Ozzy since that time is fame by association anyway.

ps. I saw Dio with Sabbath in 1980, and he just never did a single thing for me. I saw a far too short man (he was in 18" boots) trying to reach the microphone in a silly black leather suit so unfitting for the summer weather with really frizzy hair. I'm sorry, but that was my honest impression. I never have liked his voice except for a rare song, and only in part because Lord Almighty he was way too long-winded. The songs just never ended. And the person with a recommendation of Vinnie? You can't be serious.

I will leave you to have fantasies of something with great grandeur. Enjoy it in your small wee venues with your couple hundred other mutual fans. Ozzy should have shaken the dust of this set of backstabbing lot LONG ago. I support what Ozzy wants to do. To have this insult AGAIN, wow. F* Geezer Butler and F* the lot of you who don't respect Ozzy Osbourne.

Serious fans of Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward would NEVER find this to be "good news." This is horrible news. But it is all I expected from the man who wanted Ozzy gone in 1979. All we are seeing is Geezers true colors. For those of us who thought they'd changed, it is the perfect reminder.

~my post from the site

I'm sorry, but I'm f***ING PISSED!

Second post.

Wow, steaming mad to read this...
I'm sorry, but reading this article made me STEAMING MAD. As in literally HOT stuff coming out of my ears 2 feet from my head.

First of all, Ozzy did not commit to this concept though there was some discussion of it being tossed around in the media. Then, he DOES say something about it would be cool to do a killer reunion album, for a fitting closure to an epic band.

THEN WHAT HAPPENS? 1979 ALL OVER AGAIN. Geezer slides the knife in ONE MORE TIME to all us fans who loved the classic 4.


I did NOT support Ozzy going backwards and reopening his heart and life for this band again. He's sober and it COULD be fantastic, but inside? I didn't want him to even consider it. Because who wants Ozzy to waste his time on guys who already INSULTED HIM TO THE BONE back in 1979? It took a big heart to not let that stand in the way of what he thought might be cool to do with his old friends. Friends INDEED.

This is the ULTIMATE insult to every single fan who gave their hearts to all four of these men back in the 70's and thereafter. ALL OVER AGAIN.

f*** Geezer Butler. And f***


Why not? why can't Sabbath get together, is he just pissed about the money?
Geezer gets paid the least..
Disappointing and mad beyond belief, my other dream was to see the ORIGINAL members from Sabbath play.

Is he holding a grudge against ozzy?
Too old and doesnt care for fans anymore??
I'm 16 years old and i dont care about all the new pop bands are out today, they all suck and sound the same!
Im an old soul for music and I love Black Sabbath..
Why cant they at least release a remastered album for 2011,
I'd of love to hear it,



You know what..
Ozzy & Tony dont need Geezer,
hopefully they will just let him sit out
if thats going to be his attitude.

And they can at least produce an album.
For the name of Sabbath.

Sharon will whip out the checkbook and all will be well in metal-land

I'm sorry Angel but for anyone who knows the original lineup what you are saying is just not based in 'knowing' the band. It is the SUM OF THE FOUR that >>IS<< Sabbath. Without any of the four elements it just isn't BLACK SABBATH. It's kind of like baking a cake - if you forget the egg or flour or water or oil you can bake something up but it is NEVER going to be the real deal. No, there is no reunion without all four. No other drummer, no other bass player, no other lead guitarist, no other singer.

Unless it is the four, it will not be.

I knew Geezer was going to do this from the start. His press releases with little hook stabs at Ozzy were kind of sending that signal. This was just him dinking out all Sabbath fans worldwide because he's so full of s*** and himself. Well? f*** HIM. He could get the f*** over himself and make fans really happy but he's got to play his little control and shame games. He won't make anything worth listening to from here forward, but Ozzy on the other hand? Always does.

What Geezer and Tony did with RJD (no offense to those who loved him) just wasn't even in the same league as what the original lineup could do. End of subject.


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