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So.....here's the deal.
I have seen Ozzy in (I am sure it was in 1978) Offenbach/Germany - special guest was Van Halen. They just had their first album out. The concert was out of this world. After Van Halen I thought this was impossible to top, great performance. But Black Sabbath topped it. No doubt. Ozzy was great(and so was the rest of Black Sabbath). When we got back to the Offenbach train station it was closed. They close it down at midnight, so we had to bum some coins out of people for phone calls to some dads who would be willing to pick us up (30 mile drive). We got home at 3 a.m. and had math and english exams next day. So we overdosed on coffee and directly went to school. B+es in both (my first and last).

Anyway, more than 30 years later I got Ozzy's book "I am OZZY". I had to read it in 3 days. Could not stop.

If you don't have it already, you got to get that book (and read it).

By the way, I quit smoking (and drinking) the day before I got the book,(I cannot drink without smoking, just too tough, so I quit both)and Ozzy quit smoking too (it says on the last couple of pages, so he helped me to quit smoking until today (and hopefully tomorrow) as he helped me to get my B+s' in my exams 30 years ago.

Wish you all the best, Ozzy.


that's awesome!

smoking is tough to quit. i quit 3 years ago and it's not even a thought anymore, but for a long time, wow. it was hell!


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