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When will ozzy come to do a show in England?

When will ozzy come to england? after all it's his home and i really wanna see one of his concerts


Ozzy...we all hope and we pray you bring your tour to New Zealand.Rock on dude

i didnt know he was here on those dates :(

Hmmm...something tells me you didn't go when he was in town. That's ok, on FB I have heard fans say "you're coming to my state but not my city!" I'm like...ya better go see him when he comes near or it's your loss!" Ah, bad choice if that's the case (you didn't go to see him).

Man, my girlfriend in Australia said they've not had a concert there for a very long time. She's a huge fan and would jump at the chance to see him.

Wow, did you not catch him at any of these shows less then 8 months ago?

18 Sep London, UK O2 Arena (Ozzfest)
3 Jul CAMDEN, LONDON Roundhouse
1 Jul OXFORD, UK Academy
29 Jun FOLKESTONE, UK Leas Cliff Hall
26 Jun Birmingham, UK Town Hall Birmingham

If he kept going back every six months where he already went? He'd never finish this tour for Scream lol. Just saying.

i rly hope he comes to england this year :x

With all due respect for 40 odd years his home has been in Hollywood, CA. Surely he's lived there from time to time with his second wife and children. It sounds like you're missing him, and to that I can relate. I have a friend in Australia who really wants to see him too. They have announced all these remote sites, Romania, Brazil, you name it, all except there, weird!


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