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Genius or Prince of Darkness

Ok, so I've just listen and read through Scream again and Gotta say OZZY you're a frigin Genius with words and capturing the feeling of the Human condition. I must however say, I was slightly disappointed, in context, with the last concert here in Edmonton....well not really disappointed as it was a great show but, I would have really liked to hear Scream front to back and as a fan from away back, Master of Reality, and everything since....I must say this is a GREAT WORK!!!...Prayin' for you Bud.


Many fans echo what you are saying.

In the early years that is all Ozzy did - play their current songs from an album. At least a very good portion of them.

Today, many of the classics are carried along, much like an Elvis show or something.

Tons of fans really wanted to hear the album performed live.

I was one of them!

=0). Maybe with this new album in the works with Clufetos, Wakeman, Gus G and Blasko, Ozzy will bring more of the current songs into his show.


It would be fantastic, that is for sure.


hi Suns Up,
re: Ozzy Genius or Prince of Darkness.
i say both.
i saw Ozzy in T.O. on this tour and i personally thought it was
one of his best performances of all the shows i've seen him "live".
Ozzy has no quit in him. "Never Say Die" is very true when it comes to
Ozzy. speaking of Master of Reality et al, i have been dying to see Ozzy
perform "Diary of a Madman" "live". I did some research, and i now understand
why he doesn't perform that tune, much like some others...actually, many others.
but it's all good eh?
i honestly would pay top dollar to see Ozzy just show up and stand on stage and
not say a word, or sing a lyric. i just want to see him "live" at least
"one more time".
cheers bro,
Long Live The "Prince". :-)


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