Wrong version of You Looking At Me on new remaster!

If the sound sample on Amazon.uk is correct, Legacy has the 1984 Japan remix of "You Looking At Me, Looking At You" on the new Ozzy Blizzard of Ozz remaster, not the original mix! This mix appeared on the 1984 and 1985 Japan-only rarity compliations: The Other Side of Ozzy Osbourne LP and Prince of Darkness EP! This mix has that out-of-place cowbell in it and the guitars dialed down compared to the original mix. This is not the mix that was released when Randy was alive and featured on the UK Crazy Train 7" single in 1980. In that mix, the guitars are mixed identically to the first 3 songs on Blizzard. This is because that song was originally going to be on the album. It seems inappropriate that this is not the mix that was released when Randy was alive, on top of the fact that the 7" mix is simply so much better.

Also, where is "You Said it All" and the other 2 tracks from the Mr. Crowley picture disc/single/EP???

-SDC, Randy and Ozzy fan for 30 years


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