Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a messed up world. | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a messed up world.

BTW, I didn't just figure that out. Take a look at this, and please NO TROLLING OR ARGUMENTS!

The kid is 13 now, and the court has apparently not yet come to a decision. In my opinion, this is total bulls***.


the apple dont fall far from the tree.
i say send the parents to prison.

And why give an adult like 10 years for murder, but a kid life without parole?

Oh yeah, and here's why I don't think this 13 year old kid should rot and get ass raped in adult prison for the rest of his life without chance of parole for a crime he didn't commit:
1. An 11 year old probably doesn't have the mind to murder,
2. Kids should not be tried as adults,
3. There was one witness,
4. That one witness was 7 years old and changed her story later,
5. According to his dad, he had no history of bad behavior or violence, and
6. You don't kill people over jealousy.


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