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Last Leg of Scream Tour

Ozzy and the band are in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany at the Wacken 2011 Festival. Yea! Off from vaca!!!

A couple friends are there right now...they've been soooooooo excited to see Ozzy. It sounds like a crazy festival, tons and tons of bands~woo hoo! Not really honestly sure what these bands sound like, but surely with so many on several stages there would be something cool to listen to all day.

Ozzy's winding down the 18 month tour...wonder if he's gonna hit Australia after these last few announced show dates. There are a few fans there and in New Zealand who have been praying he goes through there.


yeah, that's cool bein' in a large crowd of peole all with something in common.
i went to "SARS-STOCK" in T.O. back in 2003.
500,000 people on an airstrip.
it was the following bands who headlined the 20 band show:
Headliner: Rolling Stones
The Guess Who
+ about 15 other bands before that.
i was lobbying to get Ozzy to come, but it turned out Ozzy was doing Pittsburgh that night, so i started lobbying to get at least one song "LIVE" via Sattelite, since 90% of the crowd had to watch the concert on big screens anyways, i thought that would be a cool surprise guest. but it never happened.
anyways, sounds like it's going to be a blast for his final leg of his marathon tour.

How tragic. Was looking for news of the concert and Ozz and came across an article saying a woman just arrived at the festival was killed by a drunk truck driver. Several of her friends were in critical condition. Guess they were standing by a car in a lot at the festival when the drunk truck driver ran off the road and struck them. =0(. Very sad. They are so young, only in their 20's. RIP to her and sincere hopes that her friends make it through their healing.

Wow, 75,000 people go to this concert. That is a HUGE concert. I was at one with 42,000 people and it was an OCEAN. This is 2x that size. OMG!


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