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So...I had this dream

Weirdest thing on the planet.

I had a dream today when I took a nap after sleeping late today. Lazing around, indeed. Until 2PM lazy. So, anyway, in my dream I was somehow sitting behind or in another room near a stage but it was kind of set up like a house. And? I was talking to Tony Iommi, telling him how much Black Sabbath meant to me as a kid well as what they have continued to mean to me as an adult. Across the room Geezer was talking to someone. I started telling Tony how my first crush was Ozzy...the dimpled guy flipping the peace signs... and suddenly I was really close to Tony's face and for some reason, realizing who he was? I leaned forward and kissed him. Fn WEIRD or WHAT?! I kissed the metal GOD of the strings! LOL. Now in my entire life I have NEVER EVER imagined or thought of in the remotest way of kissing Tony Iommi. I've loved his playing but honestly I never really paid attention to him as a man. So what the HECK was that all about. Ah ah ah !!!! The kiss was awesome actually. It was very weird. I've dreamed about Ozzy a couple of times, but this was the first time I dreamt of Tony. I guess I just have Sabbath on my subconscious.


ps> it wasn't a XXX rated kiss. It was one of spontaneity, coming from the deepest respect and thanks. Though it is kind of strange that I was watching back to back horror movies. I think all that just brought me to come close to what I have always loved most about Sabbath, their way of tuning into the late night zombie fest type thing in their songs.

Anyhow. I thought it was a super cool dream. Better then any meet and greet that's for damned sure. Nothing topped kissing Ozzy tho (in my dream too ah ah ah). THAT was freaking every bit as amazing as my wildest dreams. I have loved the guy as a performer since forever!

Wish Tony was coming around for book signing this side of the Mississippi. He's only going to NY, then to London =0(. I would really have loved the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand. Tell him how much his music has meant to me. Aww =0(.


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