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Is no news good news?

What on earth is the Prince of Darkness up to...aside of relaxing and enjoying a time off from touring!

Really enjoyed seeing the artwork in the film by his son. That was the first time many of us got a real clear look (there is a fuzzy video from The Osbourne era) of what he draws and paints. Wonder if he's doing a bunch of painting...?


I follow all his news through tons of sources and haven't heard this. Nah. He's just relaxin' in his garden with his tea...enjoying painting and drawing in the wee hours of the morning.

<3 Ozzy!!!!

Sorry that was 2007

he has a blood clot in his leg like Zakk Wylde did. I hope he gets better!

I've just read on a web newspaper that Ozzy has urgently been hospitalized! Anyone's got anything about it?
I hope it is just a lord of bullocks! \m/-_-\m/


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