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He came to me abused
Starved, underweight, but so sweet
He's been with us for just over two years
Always had a strange gait on his hind feet
We rode him and every single person
Ended the ride throwing their arms around his neck
And saying "I love you, you're such a good boy!"
And he has been
Talisman, my white horse
He came in from pasture two weeks ago
Holding a foot high
Something was badly wrong
He'd twisted his foot while out grazing
I did everything I could find to do to bring down the swelling
But it wasn't working
So I called a vet
He was to come out last Friday but we missed the call
So he said we have to wait till tomorrow (a week later)
I was able to get another vet to come out Wednesday
And she said "it's not good news."
"He's broken the middle of three bones in his left foot."
"He's 25, and his bones are brittle."
"His tendons are not holding his legs up properly as it is."
"That probably contributed to him twisting his foot."
"Even if he heals he will not be sound to ride."
"And he may be in alot of pain due to him being draft/Arab and heavy and putting weight on the foot."
"Problems will likely happen with his other rear foot which will get expensive."
And then the four words I was dreading hearing: "You should euthanize him."
And so tomorrow, at 10:30am, my beautiful Talisman will be no more.
I'm devastated. Introducing death to such a loving sweet soul is beyond my ability to accept.
And yet, tough choices have to be made.
He's lost tons of weight because of the pain.
Weight he's not got to lose, as he was on the thin side always.
Aww Tali, what will I do without you?


It's my goodbye to my white horse that reminded me of the one Ozzy rode all those years ago. You know the bareback picture. =0(. Talisman was the best noble creature. He broke his foot and was euthanized.

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