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Life's Greatest Question

Not trying to sound like a dork, but a while back I had heard that there's this hot dog place in Cali that has a hot dog named after Ozz. Does anyone know what's on the dog?


OK, is there anyone in Cali that can confirm this, to find out how the dog came to be?

That Doesn't Sound Too Bad Actually!

The strange thing is, I thought that in order for Pinks to name a dog after a celeb, that celeb has to come up with what's on the dog. If that is true, Ozz has very a strange taste in food!!!!

wow that sounds disgusting

After a little googling, I think I found it...

THE OZZY SPICY DOG - Spicy Polish Dog,
Nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onions,
guacamole & chopped tomatoes



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