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Setlist 5-5-82?

I was going through some old ticket stubs and have one for Ozzy dated 5-5-82 at Hartford Civic Center. I can't find any information on this show and would love to have a setlist. Anybody have beta you can share?


Right, right. Sorry. I was thinking May, but it was March. Woops. And But in general? Being a fan can't be proven by one yardstick - each of us express our love and devotion in our own lives in our own way. We're all complex beings, yes? I don't think this person has been back. Doesn't mean they're not a fan though. Sometimes they find the page only to forget they did. So go figure that one out. But I'm with you - all that effort and the user doesn't return? LOL!!!!

nope, Randy died in March.

you are a wise person!!!! see couple of weeks gone and no reply.... which makes me think about about a new topic: you say you are a fan prove it!!!!

Hey~a Gonz. I couldn't help myself ah ah...I knew you'd know AND you're curiosity would be piqued. =0). Some of us are chronical keepers of today, some are Museums of Ozz. lol~!

The real question is...will this person "On_a_road" be back to read the replies!

Hi, Thanks to AZdarkblade who drag me back here.. I have not posted here for zillion years...
So that is an interresting question:
For this date I found a different location: Columbus, OH Fairgrounds Coliseum; Hartford show was according to my research on May 21st..... I am very interrested to see this tix... can you scan it and email it to me????
As for the set list... from the time Gillis stepped in on April 13th til the end of the tour set list remained unchanged ( exept obviously for the Ritz show,, => speak of the devil recording )

Over the Mountain
Mr. Crowley
Crazy Train
Revelation (Mother Earth)
Steal Away (The Night)
Suicide Solution
Goodbye to Romance
I Don't Know
Flying High Again
Iron Man
Children of the Grave

Wow. Didn't Randy Rhoads pass that year, like that month? Very fortunate you saw that show. I know a guy on Twitter who might be able to help you out there. Let me ask him ok?


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