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Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of men is the devil you seek, all of our minds united to destroy all life.
Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind created electricity (power).
Electricity in the lives of mankind created media, showing and telling us lies every day.
As titled fire and all thing made for the flame to poison us are my enemies. The false things and feelings we all worship everyday.
Is mankind not behaving just like fire? Doesn't mankind stand against life just like a flame? Don't we all know that our way of life is going to kill all life and we feel we can't do anything about it? For your own sake believe that fire is the corruption in us, leading us down a path of certain destruction.
I ask of you to know the truth and look the truth in the face everyday so you might see the world made of the flames we live in for youself.
Mankind already seeks death, there is no reason to kill anyone.
We needed this day to support all of mankind in darkness so that all might be free to hear the truth that fire is leading us to death.
Seven of you? I call on eight of you and eight will come in time. The first one will soon see me the same as I see him.
I would say I will make your enemies your footstool but your enemies are not men or woman but the burning that dwells within all of us.
What came first the fruit or the tree?


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