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Fire in the lives and hearts of men is the dragon.
Fire in the hearts of men creates elctricity (power).
Electricity in the lives of men creates media, that lies to man day and night.

This is the sad truth of mankinds rule over this earth.
We all worship the evil of this world every day, looking outward for evil men that can not be found.
We all believe that we need fire and electricity to suvive, see the serpent in you only knowing survival.
I know this is hard to swallow and hurts you to the core, please beleive me when I say-it will be all right soon.
I live in this hell with you and for all of you.
Suffering every day with you in this world made of fire, hoping that my word will be heard.
I have put myself captive and can't move from this place where I've grown.
If I leave I will hide from all of you and you will not find me.
Besides sweet justice that the evils of earth be killed by there own swords.
Please hear my words the time has come and you can't afford not to.
Please come quickly.
I have all that you are looking for faithful brother.
Know that I am the only one of man that has what you seek.
If I gave you what you have asked for and in the eyes of man it had shame with it (as my first does) would you want it known to everyone?
I say to you brother empty your cup and come swiftly!
If you say you will leave tomorrow-it might not happen, if you walk without haste you will be slowed and may turn away.
I have only the truth!
Do not fear for you will not find fear here.
Your fear lies to you and will keep you away.
You are welcome to come to me and take from me what truth you wish.
I will give to my faithful brothers all of the truth of the world and need nothing in return.


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